About MADE EASY Group

Driven by an overarching aspiration to serve the larger national goal whilst enabling individuals realise their full potential, MADE EASY Group’s internal competences are best matched to the vision of emerging India.

Since its inception in 2001, MADE EASY has been at the cutting-edge of educational development. Coaching has been an integral part of the group’s research and education efforts over the years, the group has carved a niche in the education arena by its superior system of delivery. Today, with MADE EASY Pre-School already running successfully, MADE EASY SCHOOL's feature among the topmost upcoming CBSE schools in Gurugram. Equipped with a strong reputation for quality, experience and research, MADE EASY stands on a robust foundation of excellence. All those associated with us believe that results do matter and MADE EASY can deliver those results.

MADE EASY Group Initiatives


MADE EASY is the founding organization of MADE EASY Group incorporated in year 2001 and is the success partner of thousands of engineering graduates for IES, GATE & PSUs. It has maintained its exclusivity by consistently producing toppers and highest number of good rank holders in ESE. For more details, please visit www.madeeasy.in

MADE EASY Publications

MADE EASY Publications
The Publication vertical was established in 2007 to further its core objective of excellence in education, by publishing authentic books. Leading the ESE, GATE, PSUs and other competitive examinations, is headquartered at Delhi. The books are available at all leading bookstores and on online platforms across the country. For more details, please visit www.madeeasypublications.org


MADE EASY Preschool
MADE EASY Preschool situated in South Delhi at a sprawling campus built on 2.5 acres lush green campus, is the biggest preschool in India and is now awarded with Standalone Preschool of the Year award. For more details, please visit www.madeeasypreschool.in


With a bent in quality teaching, MADE EASY came up with its new vertical NEXT IAS in the year 2017 catering the growing aspirations of the young bloods to become a Civil Servant. With a magnificent success in the engineering education sector by mentoring thousands of engineering graduates for UPSC ESE and other exams, NEXT IAS replicates the same story for Civil Services aspirants as well. Provision for Classroom programs, Online/Live classroom programs, Online-Offline test series, Updated study books, infrastructure, Interview Guidance Program, Postal Course and much more, makes NEXT IAS – a preferred destination by many UPSC Civil Services aspirants. For more details visit https://www.nextias.com/

MADE EASY Charitable trust Official Logo

MADE EASY FOR YOU is a charitable trust of MADE EASY Group. The Group is committed to social and environmental causes and has a keen sense of responsibility towards the community. Whether it is helping flood victims or drought affected farmers, MADE EASY has donated lacs of rupees to help the victims and provide relief. For more details, please visit www.madeeasyforyou.in

Solar power MADE EASY

Solar Power MADE EASY
MADE EASY has solar plants in Rajasthan & Madhya Pradesh where solar power is being provided to the government through our group companies called Solar Power MADE EASY & Solar Energy MADE EASY.

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