Schooling Beyond Academics

Not only in academics, MADE EASY school excels beyond academics and features in top 10 schools in Gurugram. With State-of- the-art facilities and latest labs, we also make sure that kid does not lack in performing arts as well.

Engaging Kids with Interactive Activities done in Top 10 schools in Gurugram

Performing Arts

At MADE EASY SCHOOL, a curriculum detailed to the finest points is in place for Performing Arts. By creatively engaging in different art forms, exploring and experimenting with instruments, dance and drama forms, our students learn to respond to the beauty in form, movement, and sound; and develop an aesthetic sensibility. Moreover, by learning about Performing Arts, they begin to respect and accept cultural differences.

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Physical Education

Physical Education is an integral part of life at MADE EASY SCHOOL. The objectives of our PE programmes are to help our students develop an understanding of the relationship between their physical and socio- emotional developments; inculcate healthy life practices and habits; encourage them to develop an interest and expertise in at least one sport for lifelong practice; and through team spirit, sportsmanship, and fair play, build positive relationships with others. There is a special emphasis on athletics in our curriculum as well, and we envisage creating a school of global standards – both in academics and beyond.

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